From the Phone

I love my camera, but I would miss out on so many sweet snapshots without my phone. For all the pixelation, easily blurred shots, washed out faces, I love that I can catch so many glimpses of the greatest moments of our days. 
Waiting for the Pediatrician at Ruby's well visit. 
Date night with Mama and Papa at the Old Spaghetti Factory. 
Rare sleeping pose.
Our crazy monkey showing off her new moves she learned on the school playground.
Claire, trying to get a picture of the full moon. 
Sisters :) 
Watching the rain.
So many teeth in this picture!
Married 6 years!
First piggy-tails!
Getting misted by Multnomah Falls. 
"Fine, I'll go in the Boba.  But I don't have to like it." -Ruby
Comforting the pumpkin on it's eventual fate. 
"I can eat this, right?" 
Sweet sisters.
Painted pumpkins are THE way to go. 
Snuggles with Papa. 
Ruby's namesake, Ruby. 


From the Camera

Closed mouth.

Do I have something on my face?

10 months old!

Her mouth is almost never closed.


Smashing Through Milestones

The ton of bricks that has been suspended, waiting to hit me, crashed on top of me this morning.  Lately, I have been marveling at how much Claire has grown up.  But I didn't really know it. Until today. When.I.Put.Claire.On.The.Schoolbus.  

Now, it has hit me.  She is growing up. As in, not really needing me as much anymore. I mean, yes, she still needs me.  I am her mama and hopefully even when she's 40 she'll still need me.  But. Life is different now. On this day a rite of passage has occurred and I am just...sort of in shock.  I know, maybe it seems a little melodramatic.  But for heaven's sake! I PUT MY BABY ON A SCHOOLBUS! It IS dramatic! It IS huge! 

Quite honestly, it is pretty awesome too. No more rushing out of the house, stressed, trying to get everyone buckled in the car, baby crying, driving, parking, getting unbuckled, hoisting baby in to the school for Claire's drop off/pick-up time. Just a nice little stroll, two houses down, a kiss, a hug, a wave, and today, a few pictures. 

I am surrendering to this growing-up process, optimistically determined to be the best mom I can be to my budding little lady. And to enjoy watching her grow into a strong, confident, beautiful woman. So I guess instead of looking at it as her not needing me as much anymore, it's more that she is able to be her own little person all the more. 

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy some coffee, in my quiet house, while the youngest slumbers peacefully. Heaven. 

"I'm ready, mama!"
In the distance.
Getting ready to board!
And there she goes. 
Not even interested in looking back. 



Yes. Kindergarten. This happened. Approximately two-and-a-half hours ago.  I am still recovering. How did this happen so quickly? How are we already at this point? MY BABY IS ALL GROWED UP! 

Okay, I am calming down.  And actually very, very excited (for both of us). 


The Greatest Grandparents

The most beautiful Great Grandmother. Yes, her hair is NATURALLY that color! 

Oh, he is the sassiest guy. 

She's trying to figure out that crazy Great Grandpa. 

Soaking in the kisses.

Claire can't keep her stern "don't take pictures of me" face when Great Grandpa is being so cute. Kind of amazing how the outfit coordination happened. you'd think we planned it!

Claire plays hard-to-get with him but she's pretty much in love. 

She's making him work for it!

He always gets her. 

Sweet snuggles with Oma. 

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