2/3 through!

(Calcifer hanging out with Claire...he's trying to get use to the idea!)

It's hard to believe that I'll be (approximately) 27 weeks along tomorrow....only 13 or so to go! The first 17 weeks were pretty tough and though I don't like to take medication, Zofran became my very best friend and helped me through my days. But I was also happy to kick my little friend out as soon as I was able to function without it.

Since that time, it's pretty much been a honeymoon. Easy sleeping, not really any nausea, not super tired, good blood pressure, no swelling....feeling pretty darn awesome! I especially love feeling Claire moving to and fro. She pulls a crazy kung-fu move every now and then. Otherwise, she is pretty chill. And Chris is getting her use to the sound of his voice by reading her silly stories of sheep that lost their fleece but their farmer knit them colorful cardigans (my favorite book so far, personally!).

(7 wks, confirmation!) (24 wks,check the placenta)

(26 wks, so mom/dad Oz could come....Claire's face forward view)

Mom is here this weekend, putting Chris and me through the wringer with labor practice. Well, not really THAT tough at all. In fact, it's been really fun to go through all the stages of labor, practice breathing and relaxation techniques together. My labor team will consist of my mom as my main doula/birthing coach figure and general birth expert extraordinaire(!!!), Christopher, my wonderful and amazing husband who will support me, help me relax and just be there loving me (& Claire) and my serene and optimistic friend Karyn who will be the encouragement, strength and mediator that I need. I could not ask for a better combination!

Now I am on to formulating my birth plan. And practicing my positivity about the birthing experience. It's just so easy to think about all the things that can go wrong, the negative influences or opinions I hear all the time ("you're going to try for a NATURAL BIRTH? ha good luck!" etc.) and focusing on my joy to birth our little Claire and knowing full well that my body is capable! And whatever comes up, we'll deal with it then.

I feel like I might start rambling (even more than I am already). Thanks for reading! Claire kicked to say "hi".


Katie & Claire


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Screw all the naysayers! :oD
Your gonna be awesome, and so is Claire! She knows what she's doing too!
Argh! Wish we could be there!



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