....trying this again

I have blogged a lot in my life. I first started out at livejournal.com. And I still have that blog, just for posterity's sake...sort of. It's fun to go back and read all the crazy thoughts I actually typed out for people to read...especially when I had a crush on someone *OY VEY!*.

Things are different now. I have a little more purpose for this blog: to introduce you to the life and times of our new little alien that is growing inside me right now. Wow, did that sound kind of creepy?

To put things a little more delicately, I want to show you our little Claire as she grows and amazes us. Right now she is about 26 weeks in utero. It's hard to believe that the 3rd trimester is just over the horizon. What started out as a huge, seemingly untimely shock to our systems (having only been married for a little over a month) has become the most exciting event of our lives. We are going to be parents.

So that's about it for now. Soon I'll get my act together and post some preggo pics as well as the latest in ultrasounds. Stay tuned :)

--Love, Katie & Claire


lafalda said...

chocolate funfetti cake layout? poor baby. literally baby, haha.

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Yay! Love the layout! I'm so glad you are starting this since Will and I can't be there in person. Now we can pretend that we are via the blogosphere.

katieoz said...

hahaahah...no jess, it's just a cupcake with sprinkles :) why do you have to be such a funfetti hater? don't tell me you hate rainbow chip frosting.

I'll try to make it as "true to life" as possible so you can feel like you're here with us :)

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

True to life like pics of poopy diapers and up-close shots of Chris's dark circles and bags under his eyes from lack of sleep?!...That's what I'm after ;o)

katieoz said...

hahaha..I actually think Chris will do better than I with the no-sleep factor. He can get way less than me and he's the one draggin me out of bed every day. I am pretty excited to see him change a filthy diaper though...but he's been the only litter box cleaner for the past 6 months so he's getting practice :)

lance said...

Welcome back, katertot! It was a sad day when that blog shut down, but now you're back with a fancy new blog design. Quick, I'll have to change mine to match. I'm excited to see photos of Claire.

sylvia said...

Katie! Welcome back. It's been cool to see pics of you and claire and chris on flickr periodically but it's even better to also be able to read stories, too. There's one pic - I'll have to find it again - where I was like, "woah, she looks like a mom!" :)


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