30 weeks!

Which means only 10 weeks (approximately) LEFT! SWEET!

(taken today)

It's definitely flying by!

Today, Chris and I signed papers to hold the apartment and he already reserved our movers for June 28th at 9:00 a.m. It's feeling official. And we have empty boxes that are starting to pile up in the living room because I scavenge what I can from work and bring them home. Just can't quite get motivated to start packing them yet.

On the way home today (from signing forms to hold the apartment), I was kind of hit by how far removed I think I might feel...once we actually live out there and I am not working. We're already kind of farther out from our friends and family. We love our church but don't really know that many people. And now, we're moving out of Portland, to the suburbs, further away from everyone we know and just kind of isolated I guess. On the way home today, I just started feeling lonely about it all. It will be a huge adjustment...to be home, not interacting with lots of people at a job all day, no longer have the close access to going anywhere I want (without running up a big gas bill)....etc. I worry too. I know that's something I need God to change in me. To trust that it's all going to be okay. That there are options to avoid that lonliness and isolation and to maybe have new and/or thriving relationships with people in my life. I think with all of the excitement over all these changes, the thought of being a little farther away took me off guard and made me worry. I know it'll all work out. We'll make sure it does :) Sometimes it's just good to air those concerns and be honest with myself about the things I fear...and then, well, refuse to be in fear of them.

In other news! I finally got all of my Thank You cards for our wedding guests complete! yay! I'm excited to send them!!! They're all addressed and postage applied!


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Wow, we never got our thank you cards sent out!! haha! Our 4 year anniversary is in 2 weeks...do you think it's too late? ;o)

It's okay to be afraid mama. Your right, and it's great that you realize now that loneliness may happen. It would be *great* to hook up with a group of young hip moms such as yourself. You'll need a community of women who understand you, and to talk to and be around as you move into this new stage of life. I feel likt one of the reasons many new mom's in this country struggle with post-partum depression is because women are so isolated. "Community" isn't something that naturally comes with childbirth in the USA. Here's a link to a cool mom's group in Portland. I've heard alot of great things about them and maybe there's some ladies in the group who live in Tualatin (or in the area): http://urbanmamas.typepad.com/
I'm thinking about you lots. And you look gorgeous by the way. ;O)

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

...also, MOthering Mag has an online forum where alot of moms meet up, etc. There is a big population on there from the P-town area, so you might wanna join the forum and introduce yourself and just see who's out there: Here's the link to the WA/Ore section of the forum (the whole forum is pretty freakin cool too, so you might wanna just check the whole thing out out as well! There's some intrersting discussions going on) http://www.mothering.com/discussions/forumdisplay.php?f=97

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

oops...here ya go:


Lisa said...

I totally know how you feel to be "isolated!" PLEASE call or email or IM or whatever when you need a listening ear!! I totally relate with what you are saying! It can be a little odd to be just you and baby, alone in the house, and other days so great! :)

katieoz said...

Oh you girls are the best! Beth, I have been looking, as of yesterday, at online mommy groups! Thank you for all those extra resources!

Lisa, I know I'll need that listening ear. In fact, my mom suggested having a list of emergency contacts that I can call if I'm reaching a really bad place. I think that's wise :) I'll add you! And I'm looking into maybe a mom's group at Imago possibly too...hoping there is something on the end towards Tualatin, possibly.

Lisa said...

I know there is at least 1 moms group on the "west side", maybe 2.... I know that for summer Moms Community takes kind of a break from the regular routine and meets at parks and such. :) Moms Community has been GREAT for me!!


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