the BIG squeeze

Wow. So it's basically MID-May. Wow. I feel like time is flying but my to-do list is GROWING! My current project is getting my wedding thank-you cards MAILED! I was full of good intentions last November to have them out by/before Christmas....but then, we found out we were pregnant and needless to say, that really distracted me. My new goal: mail them by THIS Saturday. Yahoo!

Also happening.....

It is official, Christopher and I will officially be moving to Tualatin...the SUBURBS! We just got approved for a nice lil' 2 bedroom/2 bath (1100 sq.ft) that will essentially equal what we pay for our 1 bedroom/1 bath (850 sq.ft) apartment + storage unit. So that rocks! But it means we'll be moving the very end of June. We have a month and a half to pack it all up, sign papers, etc.

I am also cramming in a trip to Idaho at the end of June...the week before a baby shower and that baby shower will be the same weekend we move! Then another baby shower probably 2 weeks later and 2 weeks from THAT we are due to have Claire! In all that, hopefully we'll get unpacked, orgnanized and get a cute little baby room goin on in our new pad.

In other news :) My first Mother's Day was great :) Christopher took me for a little Mother's Day donut before church and then we had dinner with his parents, sisters and their husbands. Did I mention his sisters (Kate and Amy) are both preggers too? So it was pretty darn fun....all of us are moms!


lance said...

Sounds like lots of excitement! Just so you know, sometimes babies are born early. ;)

katieoz said...

hahahaha...i know. I'm hoping that won't happen. At least if she is early I am hoping for only ONE week early. Two weeks early might do me in!


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