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People have finally stopped saying, "You don't even look pregnant!" Which always just made me feel like I looked extra fat or something. I dunno. Maybe it's not all pregnant women but it kind of sucks to have people say you don't look pregnant, especially when you feel like you look pregnant. Oh well :) Maybe most women like hearing that they don't look pregnant.

I am lucky enough to have had a little (more than) extra padding so the stretching out of my womb has not be painful really. Unlike these adorable tiny girls I know who are pregnant and the cutest pregnant women to ever live but they're way more uncomfortable than I am. But I have also been fortunate enough to not have gained much weight (1 net pound so far...after gaining the 10 pounds weight I lost in the 1st/2nd trimesters) so my body hasn't had to readjust much to more weight, it just redistributes what I already have.

I have to say, for the probably the first time in my life I feel pretty proud of my body. I won't go into any history of my "body image" because it really doesn't matter. But since being pregnant, I am just proud that my body is pretty much amazing. We humans have truly amazing bodies.

I am just rambling now. Hope you all have a great week! Love, Katie & Claire


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Dude yr not rambling! That's TOTALLY one of the reasons why I am so passionate about midwifery! When the medical model of "birth" takes the experience of birth and pregnancy away from women it also takes away this amazing confidence that women can have in their bodies. Something that is *sorely* needed in our society when every women I've ever known, myself included, struggles with feeling good about there bodies. Pregnancy and birthing shows women how powerful and AWESOME and amazing and inspiring their bodies are. They are not just for looking at, they are not just for ornamental value. Our bodies create and sustain life. How amazingly awesome is that?!
Way to go mama! I can't wait for you to experience all that your body is capable of as you birth another human being into this world and then continue to help little Claire grow with nourishment from your body.
Sorry to go all "midwife postal" on you. I just get excited ;o)

katieoz said...

hahaha :) Beth, I can say you are the most passionate person i have ever met...about everything you love there is a fire and a drive....and THAT is amazing and awesome. And damn it, I am proud of my body! I am proud of the capabilities :) And I'm excited to give birth to this beautiful baby of ours! *high five!*


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