It all happened overnight...

...I think I got so big overnight that I can hardly breathe. I dunno what kind of growth spurt Claire went through but my uterus feels so much bigger and she has been moving like crazy today. But I think it's official - I think I have entered into the UNCOMFORTABLE phase of this pregnancy...back ache, just feeling huge, short of breath and who knows what else.

Totally unrelated...

My guilty confession tonight is that I am really liking the Bachelorette (still watching the premiere). There's something about the the dynamic between lots of guys compared to the dynamic of a bunch of girls. They're just so much better...competitive but not catty. In the end...I laugh hysterically when they go to commercial and say, "Who will get a rose and who will lose their chance at love...FOREVER!" Awesome. And so pathetic.

I. just. can't. help. myself.



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