Today I scheduled our first appointment to meet a Pediatrician! How exciting! Thankfully we have a couple weeks before the appointment so that I can think of all the questions I hope to ask our new potential baby doctor!

It was pretty encouraging to see that the have 2 Lactation consultants in their practice and that they really encourage breastfeeding. For me, it is important to have a practitioner who really supports me in my endeavor to breastfeed my child and won't just jump to other options if there are problems along the road to successful breastfeeding. Can you tell I am my lactation-consultant-mother's child?

So now to my question....anyone have any advice on what are some good questions to ask a potential Pediatrician? ANY input is great :)


Lisa said...

We've always chosen our dr's by friends recommendations. So... I've never done the "interview" with a Pediatrician. I guess in staying with the dr we've chosen I like they way she is down to earth, will give me a possible "home remedy" if she can and if a specialist/prescription is needed - she will get me set up. AND she is SO nice to my other kids if we have to come in as a group. :)


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