craftiness is afoot!

These days, I am pretty much obsessed with thoughts of decorating Claire's room. In Chris' words, "it's like (I'm) planning for the wedding again." I've been thinking a lot about colors, patterns, decor, etc. Mostly because now we're going to actually have a room FOR Claire whereas before we thought we'd just be in our little one bedroom. Since that is no longer the case, I am so excited with thoughts regarding decor and design for Claire's room. All on a budget, of course!

In regards to bedding I initially had my sights set on this adorable patchwork set from Land of Nod (CLICK!) I loved all the many colors coordinated into the set and felt it would give such a nice variety to work with in regards to decorating the rest of the room. But one day my Mother In Law said,"Let me know if you want help with having any sheets or blankets made for the crib." And something clicked on in my brain! I remembered this amazing textile designer that I LOVE....Amy Butler. The wheels started turning and I thought about how I knew my mom wanted to make a quilt for Claire and now my Mother In Law was offering to pitch in too! So I hopped on Amy Butler's website and quickly found what I wanted. The quilt pictured below is not the same pattern I'll use but it gave me inspiration for the frabric I wanted to choose...with exception of the REALLY light greens..I'll probably omit those. Definitely think I am leaning towards varying shades of pinks, oranges, yellows, creams, some greens. I want a very "glowy" room with LOTS of flair and fun variety!

(inspiration pieces...quilt and some fun pillows...no pillows for the crib though!)

(the two color sets of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern collection I plan to incorporate)

(first on the left for the crib bumper and on the right for the crib sheets)

So how awesome is that!? The bedding from Land of Nod is adorable but lots of other people have it AND it's expensive. This way I will have EVEN MORE ADORABLE bedding, it'll be one of a kind AND cheaper (hopefully!).

NEXT....I am also delving into my creative side and working on making a little felt birdy mobile to hang from the ceiling above Claire's crib! My hand stitching is still pretty rough but it gets better and better! To make the mobile I take a 1/2" dowel and saw it in half, the make a brown felt sleeve for each piece of the split dowel (to make them look like branches)...next criss cross the felted dowels and attached four little completed felt birdies to each end of the dowels. Then hang from the ceiling! I have one more birdy to do. Not sure which color...either a green or a cream...I'm leaning towards cream. Then I have to complete the branches! I hope it all turns out cute! It's fun at least!



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