this one's a rambler

So yah. Five and a half weeks until our due date (July 28, 2008). Not a whole lot to report. We've been working hard to get stuff packed before we move in a week and a half (YIKES!!!!!!!!!). We've almost got all 2,000 dvd's from Chris collection....17 boxes!!!! I look pretty funny as I waddle from work to my car with loads of cardboard boxes in my arms. Good times.

Anyway. I head off to Idaho in a couple days to celebrate my adorable niece's 8th birthday. I can't wait to see my darling Aspen. Sadly last time I saw her was at Christmas and I was sick as a dog because of my hyperemesis...so needless to say I wasn't a very fun aunt to be around. But this weekend is ALL about her...spending time with her, celebrating her birthday, etc.

Then I get to come home, finish packing, move, have a baby shower on the same day of the move, clean the old apartment and try to settle into the new one! SO MANY CHANGES. Claire had BETTER NOT come early! *patting belly lovingly*


Husband said...

How dare you, beautiful!

miranda said...

man, you just look so cute!!...I hope that baby Clair respects the wishes of her mommy and comes in the perfct time. Don't worry to much, things will all work out just fine. :)...We're praying for you guys. Hope the next few weeks go smoothly.


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