while I elevate my feet.....

...might as well recap my week a little :)

  • Make trip to Idaho for my niece, Aspen's 8th Birthday - CHECK!
  • Find/meet/like Pediatrician - CHECK!
  • Begin weekly OBGYN visits - CHECK!
  • Will the baby to position herself head down in utero - CHECK!
  • Get completely packed to move tomorrow morning - CHECK!
  • Purchase baby shower gifts for my sisters-in-law - CHECK!
  • Officially begin swelling in my feet/ankles/hands - CHECK!
  • Constantly crave Butterfingers and watermelon - CHECK!

Alright. I'm on a roll!


miranda said...

your getting so close :)...how's the new place?. I hope we get to see some pictures of your new fun things from Ikea :).


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