Are you a bettin' (wo)man?

Here's the 411....no baby yet. We're about 10 days out from the due date. My bet is that she will go FULL term...and possibly later. I haven't been checked yet to see if I've dilated but I don't think she's dropped and I haven't been having contractions. With that said.....I want to know what your bets are.

When do YOU think Claire will arrive? I'm sticking with July 28th. That's my bet. So what do you say? Early, right on time, or later than expected? I don't know if you'd really win anything for being the closest but I could probably commit to mailing you a crisp $1 bill if you're right or the closest. If I win, then you all have to send me money. JUST JOKING! I'm hilarious, aren't I?

As my dad says, when we're watching Antique's Roadshow, "Come on now! You've gotta commit to your bet! What are you betting?"


Katie Fleming said...

I think she'll come on the 27th! So that's my bet and I'm stickin' to it;-)


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