Well friends. I have decided that Claire is going to be like her father...laid back, patient and not in any hurry. Ironically, her father is normally quite patient but I have actually seen him impatient the past few days. He wants to meet his daughter! As does her mother!

But, I'm just going to take things in stride. My biggest anxiety is the potential of being induced and I really don't want that. BUT! I am going to the doctor today so we'll see if there are any changes and talk about plans for the next week if she has not arrived.

Meanwhile, just hanging out at home with my mom. I don't think I could do it without her, this whole being at home all day every day, waiting around. I also don't think I could handle being at work, every day people saying, "you haven't had that baby yet?" Plus, we've gotten in some great games of Scrabble. As it stands I have won 3 and she's won 2.

So yeah, I'm in a good situation. Yesterday we went and got pedicures at Spalala. On my last day of work last week, my sweet co-worker, Anthony, decided he really wanted to treat me to a pedicure so he slipped $40 in my pocket and told me to use it for a pedicure so I could relax. I can't thank him enough because that pedicure was such a bright spot in my week! I took a polaroid picture of my painted toes to send him!
The day before that I got to see my sweet and wonderful friend, Jamey, who was up in Seattle taking a class to teach English as a second language. She came over and we had sandwiches, potato chips and fruit and we got to catch up on the events in each others' lives.

As it is now, we are going to hop in the car soon to go see my doctor and I am going to run over before that to see Kate's little baby boy!!!! I can't wait to see her and her lil Mitchell!

On a side note, I can tell people are anxious to know if I have had the baby because I have never had such a HIGH volume of hits to my blog! Holy cow!


Katie Fleming said...

Hey Hot Almost-Mama!! Cute nails:-)

cgeary said...

your are almost there!! We are praying and excited hot mamma! :-)

katieoz said...

THANK YOU GIRLS! Please please please pray that I don't have to be induced. I really hope to go this weekend!

Katie Fleming said...

Maybe if you go star spinning tonight that will make Claire dizzy and she'll want out!!;-)

katieoz said...

hhhahaahah! I was just talking to Jeff Beans the other day on Facebook and he made me promise to pass on the joy of star spinning to Claire.

Katie Fleming said...

LOL! Well if star spinning doesn't work... you can embarrass her to death by doing a late night striptease while driving through town like a bunch of girls I knew once from Towson used to do;-)


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