(37 weeks and 2 days)

Completely and utterly. I feel like Chris is going to have to scrape me out of this chair. Work has been pretty crazy lately and I am frantic trying to get things in shape before this darling baby makes her entrance. Thankfully I did get a little time to train my replacement at work. But she'll be gone the next two weeks and I'll probably be gone when she gets back. I'm learning that I am QUITE the control freak and I am frantically trying to get things perfect before I leave...and making myself kind of tired realizing that it's not going to happen. Oh well. I'm probably not nearly as indispensible as I fancy myself to be.

Besides work craziness, we've officially moved in to our new (and AWESOME!!!) apartment! It is so much more spacious! We also have made a couple trips to IKEA and spent a few dollars on new furniture to complete our space. I've washed 2 full loads of baby clothes!!! I can't believe how many blankets and baby clothes I have got! I love it all though..such wonderful stuff! We bought our travel system (stroller/car seat combo) on CLEARANCE at Babys R Us! It was on clearance because they don't make that pattern anymore.

So yah...packing, moving, unpacking, assembling new furniture, sorting baby stuff, stressing about assembling the new baby room, having a baby shower and looking forward to another one coming up this weekend....it's exhausting.

And did I mention the SCARE I had? We were shopping at our local Winco foods when my uterus SEIZED with very intense Braxton Hicks. It wasn't painful but it was a challenge to breath and the contraction lasted about 30 seconds....then another 10 minutes later....then ANOTHER one 10 minutes later! Chris and I exchanged worried looks and I just said, "Oh no, this is not happening yet!" And it didn't. But....it made me almost pee my pants (which, granted, isn't all THAT hard for a pregnant woman to do! hahahha). Anyway! I've just kind of gone on and on so I'll leave it at that.


Shakesteath's Shakin' It Blog said...

Yay! How exciting!
There is a little rumor in the air that we might be in town the weekend of Aug. 1st!!!! So try to hold little Claire in for us okay ;o)

(this is Beth btw...I'm just using Shakesteath's computer)

katieoz said...

hahahaha..wellllll! I'll do my best but I have a feeling she might come round perhaps before that...but hopefully right on the due date :) *yeah right!*

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Yeah I figure she'll be earth-side when we get into town...but that's okay! I want to see her little face, and then we can deliver some TLC to you guys.
I will be at a midwifery event all day on August 2nd, but we will be free Friday night and Saturday night (Will will be free all day Saturday though)! Can't WAIT to see you guys.


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