here's the skinny

So not much change. A little bit but nothing earth shattering. I am still really healthy with a great blood pressures, I've actually lost 1.5 pounds in the past week, Claire has a very consistent and good heart rate. My doctor did strip my membranes but as you can tell I have not gone into labor yet. It's weird because yesterday I was only 2 days past my due date but it just seems that I am set up to feel hopeless already. Maybe that's just my pessimistic personality. But just the fact that we had to schedule induction plans just really got me down. And I feel the pressure to go through with it because I really want my mom to be here when Claire is born.

We'll see though. I've kind of moved out of my super discouraged phase and now I'm just focusing on whatever I can do myself and enjoying my last moments of pregnancy with Claire. Chris, Will and Eric got me an exercise ball and pumped it up for me so that's been fun to bounce on. I'm about to go for a good long walk this morning and see if this cramping can turn into contractions. I just need to RIPEN UP! Don't worry, Beth! I haven't forgotten some good *lovin*.

I would actually love to have Claire on Friday. Why? August 1, 1977, was my brother Tim's birthday. He passed away a little over 4 years ago. It would just be really special for Claire to have her wonderful uncle's birthday and infuse some light into that day! Maybe some people think it's morbid. Whatever. My family would FLIP if she were born on Tim's birthday! As would I! We'll see.

I don't want to get my hopes up but I don't want to be hopeless. If I haven't gone into labor by Monday I am scheduled to do a non-stress test to make sure things are still okay and the placenta is okay. I am also scheduled to go in for induction on Tuesday night. However, I don't know what will happen with that. If my non-stress test comes back okay I think I might cancel my induction for a few days to give Claire more of a chance to come out naturally.

Above all, I am hoping it doesn't come to that and that she comes on her own before all that! *fist pump!* So any of you that are praying folk, please please pray for our little family and that God will just really give us peace about all of this, help us know the right choices to make and more than anything keep our sweet daughter safe and healthy.


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Sounds like you are really surrendering to the birth energy/timing, and that you are making some great informed choices about you're options...and really, that is all you can do so rock on Katerina! And you hit the nail on the head when you said that it seems you are being "set-up to feel discouaged." It's not a pessimistic attitude that you are having, it's that the medical model of birth sees birth as an emergency waiting to happen. So I think you are following your intuition and I applaud you for that! :o) (okay I'll get off my soapbox now lol!).
Claire knows when it's the right time to come (did you know that it's actually the baby that initiates labor and not the women's body?) I'm a firm believer that emotions and fears can stop a labor as well so it's great that you have your mom and other people to talk to about you're dear-heart ;o) And, it's my mantra as of late I guess, frequent lovin (especially now that you've had your membranes swept...don't you love the word "membranes"?) does a cervix good. Here's some details: lovemaking provides naturally what Prostaglandin gel tries to achieve artificially. Intercourse deposits semen against the cervix of the woman, which works to soften the cervix, lengthen the pelvic ligaments and allow the baby's head to pass with ease. Prostaglandin inserts given at the hospital contain relaxin, the male seminal fluid resposible for the marvelous effects on the cervix, but the source of this synthetic relaxin is pig semen (lovely). The benefits of relaxin are the greatest when ingested orally, 10 times greater than if applied topically. Thus, oral sex with a spouse, human relaxin, as part of lovemaking in late pregnancy or at term, has the added benefit of quickly providing effective encouragement to late labor. And isn't derived from pigs. So go on a date with Chris at a fancy restraunt, have a glass of wine, and get busy ;o) haha!
We are having dinner with Will's parents tonight but maybe tomorrow night we can all get together. We could go scope out some hot bars in Tualatin ;o)

miranda said...

:)...I know that thing are discouraging right now. But just think, in a matter of days you get to meet someone so special that you can't imagine. By the time you have her in your arms, you won't even be able to remember how long it took to get her out! You sound so ready, and even if you feel stressed, I can't tell. You are amazing for getting this far, and I know you'll do amazing the rest of the way through. I am making myself notes around my house to pray she comes tomorrow. I would just love to hear she was born on Tim's b-day. That would be so special! Love you!


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