lazy saturday update

Just poppin in to say hi to everyone. Hope all is well in your various worlds.

We Osgoods here are doing quite well. Last night Chris and I decided we should actually go out to a nice dinner before we really can't do that anymore. Who would have known that Stanfords of Lake Oswego would be the HOT spot on a Friday night? Thankfully, we got to skate past all the people who had over an hour wait and go to our reserved booth in a cozy corner of the restaurant. They have such amazing spinach artichoke dip! yum! And oh my gosh, Claire was moving so much I could hardly eat! She's super buff now and it feels like her leg is going to bust through my abdomen!

During dinner we toasted to my wonderful big brother, John! Just a matter of months ago he was facing a very unknown future, with some crazy health problems, a tumor. They ended up getting the tumor out of his spine, he can walk, he's just a miracle! AND last night he got married to Angie, the woman that I hear he his head over heels, madly in love with! I was just so filled with joy for him and his bride! God's goodness is just amazing!

And finally....yes folks. I am dilated...1 cm. Nothing major. No effacing yet and the baby is still "up there". But...it's begun! Get your bids in on the day you think it'll be or else Katie F will be the only one in the running for that crisp $1 bill!

And I cannot describe how incredibly excited I am to give birth! One of the biggest moments of my life...just days away! *sigh of shock and awe*


My Joel said...

you look great katie!!!! I am so excited for you guys! Being a mom is awesome! Maybe one of these days we can have Claire and Joel meet and they may just have eyes for each other! :-) hmm My bet will be July 29th. But I guess you never know...I was effaced a week before Joel's due date but he was still 10 days late and I still needed to be induced for him to come! I am praying for you all! Love Chels

taxi-mom1 said...

OK, I say Claire will be born July 27th at 6:53 AM. I don't know why, but that's what I say. Great picture of you guys by the way.
Mom O

Lisa said...

I'm going with July 31 - end the month with something FABULOUS! Love the pic of you 2 - lookin' good!!!

miranda said...

you guys look great!...you need to fame that picture for her room. I'm excited to hear more about little Claire's arrival..Bless you all!


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