oh friends

Still no baby :) But nicely done with getting your bets in! Keep them coming!
I can't believe I have only 4 days (including today) of work left! So crazy! I started cleaning out my desk so that was kind of weird. I also cleaned out my car. Holy cow I had a lot of crap in there! Next I have to vacuum it out and get it all washed up and shiny. We have both car seat bases now so we need to get those installed.

It's getting so close. Less than a week until the due date.

Anyway, on another note. Last night, Chris and I had dinner with a dear friend of mine, from Maryland...Brian H. I've decided he must move to the Pacific Northwest. It was so great to see him and catch up on all the big life news and what not. Travel home safely, friend :)


cgeary said...

I like how you both are posing next to the port-o-john! It sounds like you are nesting! All that cleaning! ;-)

Katie Fleming said...

What? I didn't know Brian was up there! How dare he go without telling us so we could send you stuff;-)!! Hope you are doing well:-)

katieoz said...

We had a good time :) He got to experience some of the weird Portland-ness. And obviously brought some of his own to Portland :) It was his brilliance to do the Port-o-Potty shot! Love it!


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