Waiting game

So all of these events that I thought were so far off and all the things I counted as the big milestones before the baby came....well...those events have come and gone. The latest of which was my final baby shower that my WONDERFUL friend Karyn threw for me. I cannot tell you how amazing that spinach/artichoke dip was! Holy cow! Everything was so amazing! And I had such a wonderful mix of people there...family, long lost friends, friends near and dear and one of the highlights, Karyn's daughter Vivienne. She was so hungry and wanted to eat right away. Every time the doorbel rang she ran down the hall yelling, "It's dinner time! DINNER TIME!" Bless that darling child! She was charming and networking her way through that shower!

We got lots of amazing items for the baby/baby room too! One of my favorite gifts was this print from the blackapple shop, on etsy...purchased by Sonya. I can't wait to hang it but I do have to wait until we eventually get the furniture in place. And with all the stuff we got there were several things still to purchase....thank God for gift cards! I have SEVERAL packages from Target that will be arriving this week. I ordered a changing pad with a cover, an extra car seat base for our second car, baby monitor, some quilted sheet savers, a closet organizer and also a nursing pillow. Originally I registered for a Boppy. Then one day I was perusing the baby boutique at the hospital I work for and they had a product called My Breast Friend. I asked the lady working if they were good and she said they let new mothers in the hospital use the product and they all love it. I found some reviews that just raved about it, saying it's firmer, offers better support and just overall is awesome. So I decided to go the Breast Friend route. We'll see how it all works out! I hope it rocks as much as I have heard it does!

So anyway. 2 weeks left until the due date: July 28th. I would LOVE it if she could be one of those babies that comes on the due date! That date has special meaning for me in that in on July 28, 1994, I realized that I needed Christ in my life and decided to follow him. It was a day I remember so vividly and the best day of my life. And it would be awesome to have my baby girl born on that day! But really, whenever is fine ;) Just not before the 26th since my mom won't be in town until then. ha!

Did I mention I just packed our bag for the hospital! WOW! This is getting very real!

Well all! I appreciate all of your support, love and prayers through this time. Please never stop :) I think I'll need it more and more!


miranda said...

wow, that would really be awesome if she were born on that day. So special. I will pray for that. I love hearing how things are going. I'm so excited for you.

taxi-mom1 said...

I will also pray for that, how amazing if Claire were born on your "birthday". God is go good and whatever day He chooses for her grand entrance will be a blessing indeed. Can't wait. Love you guys!
Mom O

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this blogger thing!

Katie Fleming said...

I love reading these posts and we're so excited for you both! You look adorable, Miss VERY Pregnant Lady:-) We're praying!!!

miranda said...

I hope no news is good news. We're praying for you girl!


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