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So, I am going to ramble and throw in some random pictures that don't have much to do with this post, but I know readers like pictures so in order to keep everyone happy I'll post some :)

Wow. It is FREAKING HOT! Please God, make it stop! Claire is sleeping, AGAIN! And it freaks me out when it's this warm out. We have stripped her down and take her temp every now and then. Things check out and she seems okay but it still freaks me out. I hope she's not even close to as hot as I am. It's day three of 100+ degree weather. Tomorrow is suppose to "cool" to the low 90's and we are praying the weather guys aren't lying or mistaken with their forcast of 70's for Monday-Friday.

With this heat wave we decided to take our first outting as a lil' family yesterday....to the mall! And we ate at the mall and then got smoothies on the way home from the mall. It was fun!

Today we took another outting to the park. It was the summer picnic for my department at the hospital. It was fun to see a few faces, show off Claire's lovely, sleeping self and see my friend Kate, her hubby Matt and their adorable lil' boy Mitch...he's exactly on week older than Claire. I have several friends who have little baby boys so I think Claire's options are set. And my friend Jeni has a little girl who is already destined to be Claire's best friend so we're doing well!

So now we're home, waiting to watch Michael Phelps hopefully win his 8th gold medal. I am really nervous for him!

Pray that we do indeed dip into at LEAST the 70's. It would rock if it would just pour rain and be like 65 degrees for the next few weeks before Autumn arrives. I am longing for the Fall.

I'll end my rambling now :)


taxi-mom1 said...

I've been a little freaked out myself, praying like crazy for you guys to be able to endure this heat wave. I'm so glad for the cooler weather, it's already starting tonight.
I just finished the crib sheet and will bring it this week when we come over (see email).
Love ya
Mom O

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

It was SO nice seeing you guys tonight, and I had so much fun hanging out with you and Claire ;o) It's so crazy to be back in town!
p.s: We stopped by Muchias on the way home and I ate a nacho for you...


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