kodak moments

Just thought I'd share a few cute photos :)

(daddy's girl? perhaps!)

(with cousin Aspen)

(Grandma/pa Osgood) (Grandpa Stoner)

(Grandma Stoner) (Freeze!)

(conked out)

(mamma's lil' muppet)


beth said...

I can't remember if I've given you this link before: http://www.urbanmamas.com/

Katie Fleming said...

Gorgeous:-) I love the last pic the most:-)

Sarah said...

Katie, we (myself mom, dad and josh) have been thinking about you so much and praying for you all the time! Claire is just so beautiful and i'm so happy for you! You look like such a natural holding her and i've never seen Chris happier! ^_^ i'm just so happy for you guys, you have such a beautiful baby! I really hope to get to see her soon *long distance hugs!!!!*

Much love, and many prayers!

Sarah Ristine

Katie Fleming said...

Three words: Need more pics! :-)


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