life will never be the same

(Claire, getting a sponge bath from Grandma Stoner...3 days old)

Just a few photos to get her adorableness across to everyone! Still waiting for the darn milk to come in and trying to combat latching difficulties. We got to come home Wednesday instead of Thursday. I had massive hemorrhaging after birth so they initially wanted to keep me but I healed right up and decided they could discharge me! Had a fantastic home-cooked meal by my mommy dearest (meatloaf, potatoes au gratin and sourdough bread....SOOOO GOOD!) which equipped us for the long night we had. It's 7:30 now and Claire has been asleep for 4 hours. I think it might be another long night! She's worth it all and more. I am so crazy, madly in love that I can barely stand it! Chris is THE MOST amazing father ever!!! And I feel more in love with him than I ever have been!

(dad and mom....so so so in love)


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Oh LORD...that pic of you and Claire has just released a torrent of baby cravings within me, lol! Don't tell Will ;o)

cgeary said...

Your milk will come in and you will for sure know it! bustin out the seems! :-) lanolin oil is the best.

katieoz said...

I am on day 5 and it hasn't come in. So hard not to worry. But Lanolin oil has seriously rocked.


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