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No baby. And it's not looking like there will be today. My awesome friend, Karyn, is the eternal optimist and swears that Claire will appear this weekend. If not, I'm feeling more and more sure that I might go through with induction on Tuesday evening. I'm reaching my "end". My mom just checked me and no change except for the fact that the head does seem to be in place whereas last time the doctor could touch the baby's head and the baby could still move up. But now my mom says she's planted in place now. Maybe her head is kind of big or she's in a strange position which isn't really letting her drop anymore and cause me to dilate.

Or maybe I just need some really awesome contractions that push her down more. I have been contracting. Last night Chris and I looped the local Fred Meyer for awhile and I had contractions every 7 minutes and lasting about 40 seconds each time....UNTIL I sat down. Anytime I rested the contractions stopped. Same story today.

Oh well. She's moving a lot and reassuring me that she's still alive and active. That's the ultimate reassurance for me.

*sigh* until the next update.


Heidi T. said...

Hey friend,
I've been keeping up with you by reading your blog each & every day. I've been praying for you...& I want to encourage you by saying that Claire will come in God's timing, not on some arbitrary date. Count your blessings. Maybe Claire is a patient person...she waits until all things are just right, she's not in a hurry unlike all of us who await her arrival. You have been given this time to spend with your beloved Mom & husband & to be as prepared as ever. You've done well, you've persevered, this experience has been successful, not time lost. I love you & will keep on praying for you.

katieoz said...

i love you too Heidi and you are an incredible friend. Thank you for all of your words of encouragement. Your prayers mean more than anything as well. We've prayed a lot that God would bring her in His time but in the end that may look like an induction. And that's been hard for me to swallow. But in the end, she'll be here and she'll be our little gift.


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