Awkward moment(s)

So I had a very hot/cold relationship with my OBGYN (Dr. H) over the course of my pregnancy. In the end, I got admitted the day before my scheduled induction and a different doctor (Dr. W)delivered Claire. Well, I have since decided that I don't want to see Dr. H and kind of quietly "switched" doctors (aka made my 2 and 6 week follow up appointments with Dr. W) to see the one who actually got me through my labor. I absolutely LOVE the doctor W. She is so easy to talk to and relate to! Plus, she was just AWESOME during Claire's birth! Just so much better for me personally than the Dr. H.

But Dr. H didn't really know I switched....well, until today.

I went in for my 6 week check up to see Dr. W today and right at the front desk as I signed in, stood Dr. H. We made eye contact and smiled said a quick hi. I, however, felt kind of horrified and awkward because I knew that I wasn't going to see her and sure enough, I saw a perplexed look on her face moments later. Obviously she realized I wasn't on her patient list. Not only that, but moments later her medical assistant comes to the front desk, talks to the front desk lady who then leaned over the desk and said, "Now Katie, aren't you a patient of Dr. H? Why are you seeing Dr. W?" I DEFINITELY felt awkward but went up to the desk and quietly said, "Uh..umm, I am actually going to see Dr. W from now on." To which I got even more or an awkward look and pause from the front desk lady who replied, "Oh! Hmm. Okay then."

And that was that. Wow. I definitely starting wondering then if I was making the wrong decision and feeling kind of bad for switching. All that ended when my appointment started and I was reminded how AWESOME Dr. W is! I totally made the right decision and I wouldn't change a thing!


taxi-mom1 said...

I'm sure that was awkward but don't forget, this is YOUR body and your health. You need to feel a connection with the one who guides you through the medical issues. How did everything go anyways? See you tomorrow.
Mom O

Uncle Ron said...

It sounds like you made the right choice. My policy has always been to never go to a doctor that I am not totally comfortable with. You did the right thing.


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