Busy little bees!

Wow! It's now been well over a week since I posted anything. Though some days seem pretty dull and empty I look back over the past week and a half and have so much to update on!

Claire is getting so big! She has her 2 month visit to the doctor in a few days. Trying to figure out what I am doing vaccination-wise. We are vaccinating but I am unsure if I want to have her get them all at once or spread them out over a couple of weeks. It's a lot for that little body to handle. We'll see.
She is such a good baby. Pretty mellow for the most part. With that said, she is not afraid to voice when she needs or wants something. She's got some sassy-pants you might say. But she's adorable and I love her and can't stand how cute she is!

Claire has gotten to have a couple fun play dates recently! My sis-in-law, Kate, came over last Wednesday with adorable baby Jude and the cousins got to hang. Boy oh boy they couldn't have been more "boy" and "girl"...he with his blue clothes and blanket and she with all her pink. Not to mention his manly grunting and her girly coos. It was so fun!

The other play date was with her new best friend in the whole world, MOLLY! Molly is the beautiful baby child of my friends Jeni and Matt. Since we have moved to the P-town suburbs we don't often have a chance to see our wonderful friends Jeni and Matt. However, I enticed Jeni to come down and go shopping at the Pass It On Sales event! They have a TON of baby clothes, toys, books, baby gear (strollers, car seats, swings, bouncers, play gyms, etc). We did that while the boys watched the girls! Check out Molly trying to play with Claire :) (it's a little dark)

And check out how cute Claire looks in her little bath towel! When Chris and I first found out we were pregnant he insisted we go out and buy something for the baby. We didn't really know what we wanted to get but I loved this towel! And what do you know, she turned out to be a Leo! hahaha...


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Will and I just gasped when we saw that first (top) pic cause she looks SO much older!!! She's so cute!

katieoz said...

she has such "knowing" look in her eye, huh!?

Kate Wulf said...

That smile is awesome!!! Jude has been smiling much more since being in Colorado and he melts my heart every time he does it!!

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

haha! Well, we were surprised that she looks alot bigger than the last time we saw her all of a sudden ;o)

katieoz said...

Oh Kate! I want to see lil' Jude smile! Try to get some pictures! :)

Beth- it must be the angle because I think I took that picture a day or two before when we last saw you.


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