I've found the best time to clip Claire's nails is while she is nursing. So, that's what I was doing today. I had gotten her right hand all clipped and nice and was working on the left hand. Clipped down all her finger nails with only the little thumb nail to go. But somehow, I clipped it too short and could even see a tiny trace of blood.

She immediately stopped nursing and the wail that came from her little lungs immediately broke my heart. I cannot tell you how my spirit just RIPPED at the sound of that cry of pain! And the look on her tiny little face! OMG! She definitely got over it more quickly than I did. She was falling asleep and fine while I still had tears pouring out of my eyes. I feel sick to my stomach when I think about.

Wow. Who knew your baby's pain could hurt you so much more than anything in the world? UGH!


miranda said...

I was always so afraid to clip their nails. I had nipped them in the first week, and had decided that I was always going to make someone else do it for me... I couldn't... I did eventually find that I could bite their nails off while nursing, they were so fragile anyway they really didn't have much of a problem. I'm not sure if you are interested but this helped me out HUGE.

Uncle Ron said...

and the "right to choose folks" they try to tell us that the baby doesn't suffer pain when they go through the abortion process. Claire will go through lots of pains in her life, but there is no doubt in my mind that you will be right there with her.


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