to be or not be healthy?

Just a tip to you all: if you have a baby or are holding a baby and decide to give them a kiss on the lips, just beware. I learned my lesson today when I gave Claire a big kiss on the lips and got a mouthful of spitup. YUCK!


Why do I cry whenever I watch The Biggest Loser? That's right! The new season has begun. Maybe I cry because I am watching it and eating a big bowl of ice cream at the same time. *sigh* I would be terrified to be on that show but can't help thinking that maybe I need to get my butt kicked into shape. I don't know how much I weigh right now but I am afraid. I did great during the pregnancy...or rather, my body just really burned everything up and 2 weeks post partum I was 15 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and wearing pre-preg jeans within 3 days of having Claire. So that was cool. But what isn't cool is that I think I am well on my way to outgrowing my pre-pregnancy pants. They haven't actually gotten tight yet, but well...I already mentioned the big bowl of ice cream I had this evening...need I say more? I am going to the doctor tomorrow for my 6 week checkup...we'll see if I've gained anything.

I do have every intention of running once Claire is old enough to have the neck strength to endure the jogging stroller. But exercise really doesn't do squat in regards to weightloss for me. It's all about the eating. And THAT is the tough part for me. I can exercise until I'm blue in the face...until I am actually "in shape". But it really hasn't impacted weight loss for me in the past. I can forego exercise all together but eat well and I'll totally shed weight, no problem. WHY!? Dang it! It's really the sweets that get me. I'll eat anything and everything that is sweet. I am afraid that I am going to pass this onto Claire...maybe genetically...and if I don't get my act together definitely will pass it on behaviorally.

I wish Claire could keep burning all my fat for me like she did in utero! JUUUSSSTT KIDDING! I know that is no answer!


taxi-mom1 said...

Don't you just love Biggest Loser?I watched last night too and restarted my health regimen. Why don't we work on it together? We can talk on Friday but maybe we can keep each other on task. As to passing it on to Claire, I believe it's more environmental than genetic. Even if genetics are involved, we can choose what we put in and burn off. There's the rub for me. I never do the exercise. See you Friday!
Mom O

Uncle Ron said...

It is always a good policy to be very careful about who you kiss on the lips. You could get more than Claire gave you.


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