2 months old!

Doesn't your heart just melt? Knitted hat and elephant compliments of Spindelicious! She is the queen of handspun treats!

Anyway! So Yah! Claire is 2 months old, TODAY! More pictures to show of her out-of-this-world-adorableness!!!

So smiley in the mornings!

Trying to sit up, on the couch

She finally fits into her AWESOME lady bug shirt from Dave and Alicia! I am already envisioning a lady bug themed 1st Birthday party!

She is TOTALLY a Daddy's girl!

On the morning of her 2 month mark! Momma making her pose for pictures again :) But she is bright-eyed as usual!


miranda said...

aww, Happy 2 months Claire!! I just love the hat and elephant. I have always loved elephants so somehow they have found their way into our home in several different areas. I also thought the lady bug shirt was super cute! My mom has always called Kadence her little Kadie bug, lady bug. I have lots of those kinds of things for her too. They have some really cute stamp set's out there now that would be perfect if you desided to make her invite's. I am a Stampin' Up nut (I got hooked with a group when Jeff was at school so it has stuck with me ever since). Let me know if you want any ideas :). She's gorgeous Katie, truly a beautiful little girl!


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