Autumn..*le sigh*

(loving this weather!)

Wow the past few days have been rough. Three words to describe them: LACK OF SLEEP! Oy! Just a rough patch. Claire seems to have some GI problems...as most babies do. I mean, come on...they're pretty young little digestive systems. However, she spits up a little at least with every meal and usually gets bad hiccups after she eats...even 1 to 2 hours after she's eaten and we've kept her upright. Thankfully, she doesn't spit up at all when she sleeps at night. So I dunno what's been going on but she's had a hard time sleeping the past few nights and the daytime has been H-E-L-L.
(Claire would rather sleep than enjoy the weather)

(proud father with his sleeping angel :)

But today was LOVELY! We finally got her to eat and she began acting like her normal happy baby self. We went to the park and enjoyed the brisk, bright Autumn weather, ate some lunch, took some good naps in the crib (she hasn't moved from the basinet in our room to the crib in her room yet) and just hung out. It was so beautiful today, though I would have loved it if there were BIG white fluffy clouds in the sky. Add some texture to a nice bright blue sky, some orange and red trees and it's just perfect. Even without those fluffy clouds it was pretty awesome. Have I mentioned that I love my husband? He's just truly an amazing father and husband! I am one lucky girl!

(Claire, hanging out in her crib...her grandma S. made that awesome quilt! And Grandma O. made the sheet and is making the bumper and crib skirt that will eventually go on the crib)

She loves hanging out on her changing table...but she loves it EVEN MORE now that I have finally hung the little birdy mobile that I made her. Most of you know that I am not naturally very crafty...and thankfully you can't see my "handiwork" up close or you'd really know that! But from afar and through a baby's eyes it's a pretty cool mobile! It's bright and it moves all over the place. Claire LOVES it! And I am so glad! I like having one thing in her room that I made with my own two hands!


miranda said...

oh my goodness. those are some great pictures. pretty fall colors, pretty baby & that video was just precious. I have had a BAD case of baby fever lately. my brayden is just not little anymore. thanks for sharing I just love your little videos. Do you use a normal camera or a video camera to make them?

katieoz said...

I just use my digital camera. I have a about a million videos :) If you want to see more you could send me your email address on facebook and I could send you video updates :) I have a little mailing list of people who like to get Claire videos. I take about a million of them!!!

miranda said...

my e-mail is ramandamatteson@gmail.com

I have the same sort of list for the millions of pictures that I have taken of the kids. I can't seem to stop.


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