Momma Trauma

So I felt pretty darn nervous about today. We had our 2 month doctor's visit and Claire was due for her vaccines. I've been undecided about all this vaccination stuff but did decide to go through with most of the vaccines. There are a couple that we aren't doing but for today she was lined up to get 3 shots. She was a super happy baby before she got poked, smiling at the doctor and basically charming the socks off of me and the doctor :) She weighed in at 11 pounds 1oz (55th percentile), measured 24.5 inches long (97th percentile!!!) and her head measured ...well I can't remember but it was the 80th percentile for her gender/age group. So yah..as the doctor said, Claire is "long and lean".

Those were the happy moments before she got her shots and starting screaming like crazy. Thankfully she calmed down almost immediately when I was able to pick her up and nurse her a little bit. And she's pretty much just eaten and napped all day. Claire is awake now and the super happiest baby ever! It's kinda crazy. And I feel a lot better now that it's over...for another 2 months.



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