I did it. I just clicked the "send" button. And that concludes me officially resigning from my position at the hospital in order to be a SAHM (stay at home mom). I had dreamed of this moment before but I never realized how truly and deeply sad I would feel. It feels like a loss.

I am glad I can stay home with Claire, but I truly am going to miss my job. There is a time for everything, however and the time to move on from my job has come.


miranda said...

Aww, I hope that you feel refreshed. Being a stay at home mom is an awesome job. I am so happy for you. It is a very rewarding job, just in different ways than a normal job :).

katieoz said...

Her adorable smile is enough for me to know it's all worth it! I can't imagine not being there for all of her big developmental milestones! I am so glad to stay at home with her and it's truly a gift to be able to do so, even if it means a big budget scrunch for us.

You definitely seem like a star among stay at home moms, Miranda! Maybe someday we'll meet each others' kids! I can't believe I haven't even seen you in over a decade! Crazy huh? We use to be little kids together and now we're moms. Life is amazing!

The Geary Family said...

I felt the same way when school was starting and I was not going back to teaching this year. I still sometimes miss it...but as you said there is a time for everything and I wouldn't trade my time with Joel for anything.

miranda said...

thanks Katie, that means a lot. I really hope we can meet again someday. I think that would be so fun.

scifibarb said...

Congratulations! I treasure the times I got to be a stay-at-home Mom, and would have loved to be able to do it more. I'll miss you at work, but I'm happy for you! Barb

scifibarb said...

Congratulations, Katie!
I always wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom. I only got to do it for 1 year after each of my 2 were born, but I treasured the time - even when they were both in diapers!
I'll miss you at work, but I'm really glad for you! Barb


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