You snooze you....WIN!

I think we're finally getting back on track. We had been on a roll a couple weeks ago, with Claire sleeping more and more (6 hours a stretch). Then she had a setback and went back to 4 hours plus waking up more often after that...getting more restless. However, we're finally getting back to about 5 1/2 hours at a stretch! WHEW!

The other issue is what to do about weaning her from her full body swaddle, but I think that is NOT an option right now. That girl goes CRAZY when her arms are free! And I wake up due to loud fist suckling...the girl loves sucking on her hands but won't take a pacifier to save her life.

Nap times, on the other hand are going so well! She is like clockwork and goes right down for her nap (usually) without a struggle. And she has to get herself to sleep. Sure doesn't take long at naptime but bedtime we haven't really tried. Well...we tried it one time and she did get herself to sleep but kept waking up over and over. One thing at a time. We're mastering nap time in her crib and will eventually move her to nighttime sleep in her crib instead of the basinet in our room.

Enough rambling and time for some PICTURES!

(she is grumpy sometimes!)

(she's happy most of the time though!)
(Molly and Claire playing. We just HAPPENED to have the exact same pajamas and decided to go for the cheesy matchy-matchy picture!)

(6 1/2 months apart!)

(enjoying a lovely Autumn day)

(she loves sucking on things...as long as it's not a pacifier)

(gotta get some leaves from her first Autumn!)



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