The good ol' days

Remember when I talked about Claire sleeping 8-10 hours (uninterrupted) every night? Yeah, that lasted about a week and a half. And for whatever reason it just STOPPED. She started sleeping six hours, then five....then after about the 4th night in a row of this "sleep regression", I like to call it...she had the worst night, ever (!)....waking up about every 3 hours, unable to really stay asleep. I think I have realized the problem: swaddling has become more of a hinderance than a help. Up to this point she's really needed to be swaddled because if her arms are free she flails them and wakes herself up. But, she's a super strong baby now and this is what happens now if I swaddle her (check out the pictures below):

(I came in the other night and this is exactly how she looked!)

So anyway! We've been transitioning from swaddled to sleep sack. It's been kinda rough, naps especially. But she's finally sleeping 5.5-6 hours at a stretch....which is still kind of sad to me because I got REALLY spoiled that week and a half when she was sleeping a ton. But I just want her to do things at her pace while still doing my best to help mold good sleep ability for her.


sylvia said...

hi Katie. thanks for letting me know you moved your blog. i check it out periodically. you and claire look real lovely, by the way. that husband of yours is one lucky guy. :)


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