Is it me or do I look more "mom" like?


AFTER (!!!!!!!!!!!!!):

And no, I didn't dye it! This is basically what my natural hair color is nowadays! It feels SOOOO good to have that nasty dyed and redyed and bleached section of my hair chopped off! I can actually COMB through my hair now!!! Even more amazing, I can run my fingers through my hair!!! The ONLY person I will let touch my hair with scissors is Nicole, at Barberama...she is amazing and the only hairdresser I trust completely. I got in with her on a stroke of sheer luck...totally last minute.

Claire isn't sure what she thinks yet! At least she recognizes me :)
Just look at her sassily cocked eyebrow! She gets it from her father!

On another note, we had a fun time hanging with our sweet friend, Heidi today!!! Yay!


taxi-mom1 said...

Love, love, love the hair. What cute pictures of you and Claire.Finally got a chance to skype with Kate and Joey, so good to see them.

miranda said...

very cute. My hubby always tells me that all woman that have babies always cut their hair... I lasted a good 6 months after Kadence, but I just wanted something different. He still teases me about it. :) You look great.

moomoo45 said...

The "do" is darling. So is the baby!!

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Dude you totally have the dexterity to knit! It just takes practice! When do you wanna start our craft night tradition?? I'm SUPER excited!



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