I'm exhausted...so lucky for you I won't ramble too much and I'll just get straight to the pictures!

At long last a picture of all three cousins (left to right) Jude, Claire and William....sadly Claire and William had to say goodbye to Jude since he just moved to Amsterdam
Grandpa and Grandma Osgood with all three grandchildren!

Hanging with Aunty Amy at the airport

My absolute favorite outfit! That onesie is to DIE FOR! Thank you, Amber!

She looks a little unsure about things. Love those pjs though! Thanks (AGAIN!) Amber!

Who's entertaining who?

This is my favorite dress! Chris picked it out last April when we had our little beach-getaway

My free-style pumpkin design....turned out looking like the Kool-Aid guy. Claire wasn't super interested.


Kate and Matt said...

wow, what a cutie! let's try to have a play date soon.

miranda said...

those are some great pictures. And you look great! Such a hot mamma :). How fun to have cousins for Claire so close to her age. That would be awesome.


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