Last year (to the day) it was the biggest shock......

....finding out I was pregnant. I was REALLY convinced I wasn't but since it was actually a possibility and I had a couple other factors going on I thought I should take a pregnancy test just to put my mind at ease...because I knew I couldn't ACTUALLY have a bun in my oven.

After crying, shrieking "what am I gonna do! what am I gonna do!", wringing my hands, and trying to shake that "oh yes you are" off the pregnancy test, my husband took me in his arm and met my eyes with a peaceful look in his and he told me that it was just meant to be and that God would be with us. I think we sat in shocked silence for the rest of that evening. We'd been married a couple weeks shy of 2 months when all this happened. I took another test the next morning and then another at the doctor a couple days later. It all STILL wasn't sinking in though and the doctor laughed at me when I asked, "So, what are the chances that I am for sure pregnant?" She said, "Um, you've had what, 3 pregnancy tests now? Katie, you ARE pregnant!"

But it wasn't until December 12, 2007, when we had our first confirmation ultrasound and I saw this little little shape on the screen and it had a heart beat. THAT is the moment I actually let it all sink in. So amazing to look back a year ago and remember all that and now to look over at Claire who is sleeping on her dad's chest with milk running down her chin.

Okay. Enough blather...video and picture time!

tummy time!

So close to rolling over!

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