where to begin?

(All bundled up for our walk/run at the park)

What the heck have I been up to the past 2+ weeks? I wish I could remember! Hmmm. Well, my sister in law, Amy, just gave birth to her and Erik's beautiful little William on Tuesday, October 28th. And let me tell you, he is ITTY BITTY! Such a mess of wild black hair too! We are so glad to welcome him into this world! Claire now officially has two boy cousins...Chris' sisters had the boys and he had the girl!

(Claire is so big next to her new cousin, William! He's 6 pounds 3.8 oz!)

(Auntie Kate with her little Jude and cousin William!)

(oh just so tiny! Love you, baby William!)

Sadly we had to say goodbye to her other boy cousin, Jude and her Auntie Kate and Unkie Joey because they are going to board a plane to Amsterdam this Friday. And the plan for their return is tentatively for 4 years from now, but maybe not even then. Alas, they are embarking on a huge and amazing adventure that God has in store for them and we're going to pray for them all the way! *we loves you guys!* And now that we all have Skype we'll get to schedule virtual play dates! Jude can teach Claire some Dutch.

We also got to see her Grandma and Grandpa Stoner as well as her Great Aunt/Uncle Wanda and Paul, Ron and Norma, Jim, Joyce and Jim, Great Grandma Woodward and the lovely couple (Lois and Charles) that actually matched my parents up more than 40 years ago! While my parents were in town we had a little surprise party for their 40th anniversary at Stanfords. It was a blast!

(40 + years later! Woohoo!)
(4 generations :)
What else? Oh...well....Claire is a pretty talkative baby already but the past 3-4 days she has REALLY amped it up. We don't really have it on video yet but she is LOOOUUUUUUUD! She's happy and likes to talk but MAN does she talk really loud sometimes. I wonder where she gets that from? Here is a fun video of our favorite thing to do with her now (pat our fingers over her mouth while she's talking):

Every day she is growing more and more...she's SUCH long baby. She'll be three months on Tuesday and she's already starting to max out the length in all her 3-6 month clothing. And too bad for us that she really only has clothes supplied through that size! I didn't really think I would have to worry about her wardrobe for awhile because I had a TON of clothes...but not really past the 6 month mark. So we're going to have to figure something out.

It's so fun watching Claire grow. She loves to talk, squeal, blow bubbles,drool all over herself, suck wildly on her fists, play with her links and her little toys that crinkle, get frustrated and cry when she can't grasp things like she would like to, sit up and look around, sleep in her own crib in her own room, smile like there's no tomorrow, take better and better naps, relax in her plush and luxurious swing and stare in wonder at the world around her.

(her biggest 3-6 month outfit! and don't worry, she does have two feet)

(learning how to sit up!)



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