Claire's First Christmas

Claire's first Christmas tree! I had a hankerin' for a pink tree last year and I have never (and probably will never) had a "real" tree...so we're stuck with this one for awhile :) Don't you love the wrapping paper? I got it at the Dollar Tree! I'm going there very year for gift wrap, from now on!

Christmas Eve, watching a movie and awaiting our BBQ pulled pork sandwiches which we enjoyed after Claire was in bed.

Pat the Bunny Christmas card from Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jim, Cousin Aidan and Cousin Cordelia! Thank you! This one is goin in the baby book!

Eating the tissue paper is the fun part!

This is Claire's new "lovey" to sleep with....I LOVE IT! This and many other adorable items from aforementioned aunt/uncle/cousins :)

Christmas morning...she didn't care about much more than eating her giraffe. Maybe some think we're bad but we didn't get Claire gifts this year. She got gifts from family and doesn't know the difference. Next year we'll wrap Dollar Tree gifts in big boxes with lots of wrapping paper for her to play with.

Socializing with Cousin William

Chris holding his nephew William for *gasp* the first time thus far!

1....2....wait, we're missing a grandbaby/nephew/cousin...we miss you Jude!

Who would even guess that Claire is almost 3 months older than William?

Family portrait 2008 (though we sorely miss the Joey/Kate/Jude portion of the picture)



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