First Snow!

Every day is an adventure! First things first, we recently went to the doctor and here are the stats:

Height: 26" (96th percentile)
Weight: 13 pounds 15.5 oz (56th percentile)
Head: can't remember the exact dimensions but it's the 76th percentile

Claire has kind of become wary of strangers...or people that she "knows" but doesn't see often enough to recognize. She'll usually give the unfamiliar individual a suspicious side glance right before she BURSTS into tears and looks for her mommy. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it :)

Anyway. Not really in the mood to write much so enjoy the pictures of Claire's first snow and (almost) winter.

(Claire decided she only wanted to smile for Grandma's camera...not mommy's :)

BOUNCIN!!!! So sassy.

She's not quite sure about this white stuff.

She's not as excited about the snow as one might think she would be. Four month olds!

Family portrait!


Katie Fleming said...

It's CRAZY how much she looks like you especially in that 2nd photo -- very beautiful little lady you've got there;-)

katieoz said...

hahaha! Thank you! I actually think she is starting to look more and more like Chris..but she's definitely got both of us in her features :) I am excited for the day you can meet her :)

Lisa said...

I second hat Katie F says -- Claire has your smile!! very evident in photo #2.
Love the owl hat -- that is just awesome!

miranda said...

Those are some amazing pictures. Claire is getting so big. I am so glad you share things like the first snow pictures on here. They are really fun!


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