We simply could not wait anymore....

...to start feeding Claire solids! I was planning to make the BIG move next Sunday which would mark her 5th month but we had the rice cereal and she wouldn't take her bottle for whatever reason, so...we jumped in! Plus, she has been obsessed with watching us eat for the past 2 months or so. I talked to the doctor about when to start her and she said she usually recommends 6 months but people start anywhere from 4-6 months. And she added that Claire seems to be extra alert and might be ready for them earlier than 6 months. *yeah, you do detect that motherly pride...I'm trying to tone it down but it's so hard*

**I also need to briefly mention that Claire is now mobile...as in, she has figured out how to use this whole rolling-over business to roll across the room to what she has in her sights! It's crazy! And she just keeps getting better at it - once she's rolled over to what she wants she can scoot her body into position to gain maximum access to the item(s) she desires. IT'S CRAZY... fun and scary.

She just wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

But I think she got the hang of it and ate about 2 full tablespoons!


I had way too much fun....and in the video you can tell because I talk like a crazy person (oh wait, that's normal for me) and I think I giggle A LOT.


miranda said...

I just love her faces in that video. We have already watched it 2 times, and Im sure Kadence will ask again. She is getting so big and still as cute as ever. I hope that someday our kids can meet each other. I also really enjoyed your christmas pictures.

katieoz said...

someday I want to go back to Scottsbluff/Gering. I feel that I need to walk back through my childhood and remember my life there...and re-experience the place I grew up in. Plus, I would love to take Claire there. And that would be so fun for our families to meet!

Kate and Matt said...

That's awesome that Claire's eating! Mitch is going to start next weekend probably-he loves his high chair already and sits in it to watch us eat!


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