I have a lack of confidence..

..in our pediatrician. Well, not even so much her, exactly. I dunno. I've just had troubles from the get-go. The first minor problem being that the first 3 visits they had the wrong address for us and I corrected it every time but then they ended up billing us because they coded something wrong and then sent that bill to the wrong address. FINALLY got that straightened out after several calls and arguments with their billing staff and finally having to talk to managers and then the doctor herself to get it corrected and billed correctly...and they finally got our address right.

Then we were prescribed expensive meds for Claire's supposed reflux. They didn't work at all and I called to let the doctor know (just like she said to) and she still recommended that we keep giving them to her, but not really addressing why they weren't making any difference in her condition (gave it a try for 3 weeks). We just said, FORGET IT, changed formula and she's gotten better with her spitting up (not comletely, but she'll just have to grow out of it).

The most recent thing is with regard to Claire beginning solid food. Our doctor gave us a chart that details how to go about the different stages of feeding a baby solids. The first is getting her going on cereals. The recommendation is to start out with rice cereal and the serving size is 1-2 TABLESPOONS...and the servings per day is 2 servings. So. We did just that. And Claire took to it really well...she loves eating from a spoon! However, her body has not handled it well. To cut to the chase she has had bad diarrhea after also seeming to be constipated...and now has the WORST diaper rash. It's been hard on all of us the past two days.

When talking to my friend, Jeni, she said most suggest only ONE serving a day and the serving size is so much smaller than 1-2 tablespoons and that seems to be what I have found online. So now I just feel so frustrated. I feel like I don't trust anything the doctor tells me so I feel like it's a waste to call her with questions. But I just HATE the thought of trying to find another one and wonder if I should just chill out and stick with her. I mean, personality wise, I like her, she's nice...pretty typical as far as doctor's go.

Anyway. Once this horrible diarrhea clears up and the diaper rash clears up we will try rice cereal in very small amounts (to make sure she's not allergic, though I don't think that's it) and then take it from there.

Overall, I just feel so uncertain. Being a first-time-parent is so hard when you really don't know what is going on. I have instincts but I don't know if I should trust them at times. I wish I would have known that 1-2 tablespoons was too much for Claire but my instincts didn't tell me otherwise because she seemed to really like it and I didn't think that it would be too much for her system. It's all so confusing! I really hope what people say is true...that having the second one is so much easier. Not that I am EVEN CONSIDERING THAT right now. DON'T GET ANY IDEAS MOM O AND MOM S!

Okay. Rant over and time for pictures of Claire playing with her best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world, Molly. Molly is 6 months older than Claire but they're pretty similar in size, except that Claire has bigger feet than Molly :) Just like her momma!

they took turns grappling at each other

AWESOME present from Molly (Matt and Jeni)!!!



wendy said...

You are an *awesome* mom! I have seen you in action, and you are stressing about diarrhea! That is LOVE! ;D Before you know it, she'll be 9 and you'll be hanging out at the mall food court after a day of shopping, those crazy-tough first months of people food seeming SO far behind you...

katieoz said...

thanks, Wendy! hahaha. I did get pretty worried. This first time parent business is STRESSFUL! Plus, I've worked in a hospital (Emanuel)and I am always thinking "worst case scenario"...so when I see butt rash with SKIN BREAKDOWN I kinda go into overdrive. Thankfully everything is clearing up :)


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