Snap Happy!

Several pictures and THREE videos! Woo hoo!

My favorite clothing store EVER is H&M. I first discovered it in Germany, when I was 16 years old. Whenever I can find one (so far in NYC, LA and Vancouver BC) I usually spend a lot, but I get a lot for my money. But I didn't realize they have H&M BABY CLOTHES! The bright pinkish/red shirt is a hand-me-down from a friend and it is from H&M! ACK! As if my obsession with them wasn't crazy enough!
Claire seems to have fallen in love with Joe the Lion. It's cute because Chris gave that lion to me when we were first dating. I have a HUGE sized version that my grandmother gave me years ago and my wonderful niece, Aspen, is taking care of that one.
Taking a stroll through our local cemetery. I have started running again. Well, running/walking. It's time to get back in shape (click link to the left). And let me just say that after today, I already know I am going to be PRETTY sore. But I feel so good too! I love running so much! And I NEVER thought I'd say that. If my Jr. High PE teacher could hear me now! I was always the girl with a note from my mom saying I had "bad knees"...which I kinda did, but I totally milked it more than necessary.

I love the sweet expression on her face.
I just LOVE this little squirrel outfit we got from Makenzy! (basically all of her clothes are from Makenzy) Claire seems to have this expression a lot!

Claire was sitting up for a few seconds, by herself when I decided to try and capture it on camera.

This video cracks me up. She just was going wild in her doorway bouncer...finally figured out she could do more than just swirl around in circles.
And this is just an example of how loud Claire is and how much she talks. She. talks. a. lot. I can't imagine how it will be when she can actually say words!


taxi-mom1 said...

Love, love, love the videos. Big hugs and kisses to Claire from grandma.

Anonymous said...

Hey cuz, thanks for all the pics and videos, Claire is just the sweetest girl EVER! and FYI there is an H&M in the newly remodeled Southcenter or "Westfield Shopping Center". More incentive for you to come visit with the listtle cutie ^_^

Much love,

katieoz said...

I'm here to please ;)

Sarah...I totally saw that there's an H&M in Tukwila! That will definitely be one of our pit stops. I am hoping to visit maybe in March or April.

taxi-mom1 said...

I didn't notice until just now when I watched the "sitting up" video, that Claire was holding one of grandma's blocks. whoo hoo!!

miranda said...

Adorable as ever. I also just love that picture up close and her expression is priceless! I love your updates!

miranda said...
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Hugh said...

Hi Katie,

So proud of you that you're gonna start working out. I printed out the running schedule myself. I've never been a runner, but I'm willing to give it a try. Wanna do it together & keep each other accountable? Let's talk. Love the pictures & videos!

Heidi T.


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