Fun times

Claire is 7 months (and 4 days) old. She's got two teeth and is also about to start crawling. Right now she gets up on her hands/knees and rocks back/forth and often lunges herself forward since she can't yet coordinate the movement of her legs and arms.
Play date with her wonderful cousin William!!!! He's getting so big too and it SUCH a sweetheart!
Not up to much, just chowin' on my bib. William is now 4 months old! CRAZY!

Claire is very concerned about the State of the Union

Claire's BFF, Molly, just turned 1 year old! (Molly, Jeni & Matt)

Claire is telling Molly all her little secrets.

Loves being with Dad!

Jeni made this cake!

Molly thoughtfully reflects on her first year of life

They're almost the same height but they're 6 months apart!
Our next adventure will be a 7-day trip out to Idaho to see Grandma/Grandpa Stoner and her FABULOUS cousin Aspen! Not to mention my friend Karissa and her little troup of babies! Here's hoping that traveling alone with a 7-month-old will go smoothly; it IS only an hour long flight.



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