Claire went on her first airplane ride last week.....to see Grandma, Granddad and her awesome cousin, Aspen! She did GREAT! Slept the whole way there (and back)! However, it did take a couple of days to adjust to having EVERYTHING (except me) be unfamiliar to her. She was a little weepy. Aspen and Claire became BFF's and I couldn't turn around without seeing Aspen either toting Claire around on her hip or pushing her in the bright orange umbrella stroller (Thanks, Amber!) Lots'o'fun!

At the beginning of the trip, this is what happened when I wasn't holding Claire. Breaks your heart, doesn't it!? THOSE EYES!

But Claire did seem to bond, instantly, with Aspen.

All of Aspen's neighbor friends had to come over and play with Claire too! Never-ending entertainment for her!
Aspen liked to take my camera and take pictures of random moments/objects.....this is a horrible sketch of me that I got pressured into in Salzburg. Everyone else got their sketches done by the artist who DIDN'T make them look cross-eyed. Nevertheless, my mother insists on hanging this atrocity.

Claire loves her Granddad's many faces.
Claire's eyebrows seem to be the window into her soul. haha....I swear she was SMILING in the picture I took with my mom's camera! Here, she looks a little concerned.
She's pretty much all smiles all the time, with cousin Aspen!

Aspen and I got to "get away" and have some girl time. We went to see Coraline...SO GOOD! Loved it!


Jessi said...

I laughed so hard when I read the part about your sketch from Salzburg!!! My mom had my picture up for years... I think until they moved. Hopefully it got lost! I looked freaky, odd, way too long hair. I didn't have the cross-eyes though. You take the cake :)

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

haha! I loved this post. That drawing of you... *wipes tear*...damn right your mom better hang that in the living room for all to see!
And omg...Claire gets cuter every freaking week!
It's so good to have you home.

katieoz said...

Jessi...what is with our moms! I swear though, I remember your drawing being WAY BETTER...I was jealous of you, Erica, Shannon! I was totally trying to hold out for the same artist.

Beth...Thankfully THAT one is not in the living room (though a GIGANTIC framed senior portrait is)...my mom has this drawing hangin in....HER BATHROOM! HAHAHAHA

miranda said...

It's working!! YAY!!!... ok now to my comments... Claire is as cute as ever. and It looks like you had lots of fun visiting you parents. They look the same to me :)...Your niece is super cute too. and looks like lots of fun. Does she live with your parents? Your hair looks like it's getting long too, I'm trying that again myself. I haven't been able to go home for very long time frames so Tanya hasn't been able to cut it for me... I'm trying to decide if I want to let it go long again or not... Thanks for working whatever it was out on here for me. Have a great day :).

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

wow, that is so much more awesome than the living room!!!


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