Moving on

(8 months old!)
Yeah. Claire is bored with crawling, it seems. She'll do it as a necessity but it appears she is willing to crash into the floor/couch/coffee tables/swing/shelf/patio door/chairs/elmo playstation in order to pull herself up to a stand and try to walk. She's gotten a couple little scratches...nothing major. Though she did have her father worried about her having a concussion.

It's getting too easy for her to stand up.

She loves to climb people too.

Claire, doing the splits after standing at the patio door.
On another note, Claire finally got to meet her Great-Grandfather! She met her Great Grandmother when she was first born. Grandma finally got her chance to get that 4-generational picture she's always trying to get! Handsome family!

"Keep talking, Great Grandpa...I is listening"

Climbing on Grandpa O

Reading a story with Grandma O

Just chillaxin with cuz' William
He's thinking about it.

Claire's curious about William's earwax

Never without Joe-the-Lion


miranda said...

Those pictures are so cute... And I think you might have an early walker on your hands. Kadence started crawling at 6 ish months, but she was more of a roller and skooter. She much more liked to climb on people just like Claire. And once she got the hang of walking around things she was off... by 10 1/2 months. Brayden was a little slower. and still crawls at times (silly boy!) I also think your nephew is precious... those chubby cheeks!! :)

katieoz said...

OH man I am SO not into having an early walker! I need to buy some gates...a lot of them! And I agree, William's cheeks are so cute! I loves to smush them!


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