We went to the Oregon Zoo today. It was fun...and it DIDN'T rain! I didn't get that much footage of Claire's first trip to the Zoo, but I did get the BEST animals on camera. Well, except for the gigantic elephant that was peeing. I have NEVER seen that much pee in my life. It was literally like a firehose.

While we were watching the Hippos hang out, there was a small daycare group also watching the Hippos. The poor children were scared by their caregivers telling them how ferocious Hippos are and warning them never to get too close to a Hippo...you know, all those Hippos that are roaming the streets of Portland.

She was kind of exhausted by this time.

From Claire's point of view.

Yep. Still exhausted.

My *absolute* favorite exhibit...Sea Lions. A*M*A*Z*I*N*G

Claire doesn't quite "get" the Zoo yet. As in, she is just as interested to look at the trees or the sidewalk as she is the animals. Soon enough, I suppose.


wendy said...

Dude, I love hippos. And come to think of it, I have never had an opportunity to use my knowledge of their territoriality. Bummer.
And fyi, Africa is the place where the kids are the most tired, thirsty, hungry or have to go potty, because unless you are really prepared, it's a LONG walk to take care of those things. You have to strategize Africa, man. I'm tellin' ya.
PS...Claire rocks. :D

katieoz said...

Thanks for the Africa advice, man! Thankfully we have the whole diaper/bottle thing now, but I am storing that tidbit of information in my mind. It's an even longer walk almost because they are building the Lion exhibit and you can only get in/out one way. I was EXHAUSTED by the end of all that. We both took a long nap :)

miranda said...

If you ever need a CO vacation, we have a great zoo. It's a nice hike in the mountain, but they have it well laid out. My kids (including my husband) just love going to the zoo... once the kids can walk and feel like they are on an adventure it is more fun for them... I always end up pushing the double stroller with no kids and all our junk. I love how your hippo's were out of the water. when ours are outside they are almost Always in the water. Fun pictures :).


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