More time with the bff!

Claire broke out her swimsuit the other day.  But it was too big, so Molly loaned her one.  And they played and played in the kiddie pool.  And Claire drank lots of pool water...I know! She's the special kid that drinks the pool water! *tee hee*

Now that Claire is also mobile, she and Molly are pretty fun to watch.  They're like...the perfect best friends.  Kind of opposite in EVERY way.  Molly is the mysterious dark beauty, with her lovely tan skin and thick black, beautiful, *really* curly locks and sweet dark eyes...she's a bit reserved and very thoughtful.  Then there's Claire...the wild, super happy, wreckless girl with amazing, bright, blue eyes, milky, white skin wispy and straight golden hair...she's always up in everyone's business and loves the adoration/attention of everyone around her (seriously, she thrives on "yay Claire! You're so wonderful"...I think words of affirmation is her love language).

They're just adorable together! 


miranda said...

so cute! I love all the swimsuit pic's... baby swimsuits are precious! And I love that they have best friends even this young. :). I also love the new look on the blog. SO fun!

katieoz said...

thanks! it felt good to "freshen up" the place!


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