Nine Months!

Claire turned 9 months old yesterday but we made the trip to the doc today. Here are the stats (I LOVE getting the stats even though it doesn't really matter that much):

Height: 29.5" (97th percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs 2.4 oz (39th percentile)
Head: 43 cm (22nd percentile! Way smaller than last time!)

And so now the Birthday planning begins! I don't have much planned yet, but I do know the theme. Can you guess? If you know what Claire's lovey is then you'll know the theme. Okay, okay, you dragged it out of me...it's LIONS! I've been on Flickr and a million other image searches for ideas on cakes, cupcakes, decor, clipart, invites, etc. WHEW! And I really don't have anything yet. There are too many options that I just can't seem to find any cohesive ideas.

Nevertheless, it's exciting!

So anyway! Here are a few pictures because we all know that's why you REALLY come to this blog! :) Though, these aren't super creative because she's keeping me too busy to really take that many pictures!


Jessi said...

She is so cute! I am jealous because of all the super cute girl clothes... look at her sweater!

katieoz said...

You could TOTALLY put that sweater on a boy! In fact, people often say, "hey little fella" whenever she wears it (or anything blue really). I do love that sweater. It was $2 (at Old Navy) after I got 50% off for damage because of a little dirt smudge.


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