Oh Etsy!

(I long to hang this print in Claire's room. Lindsayart's Shop)

Why must you be so enticing, sweet Etsy! I love you so much. I could (often do) spend HOURS discovering new treasures. But it is a sad thing because I cannot afford to buy so many treasures.

In vain, I attempt to make myself feel better by adding lots of items to my "favorites" list. It kind of feels like I'm purchasing the little wonders and it does satisfy me, for a time. Etsy is an endless source of inspiration for DIY projects too. Granted, I have bookmarked more ideas than I have ever set out to try. However, I do hope to plunge more into the DIY world and make my own versions of amazing projects I find in all the little shops on Etsy.

I might just have to name our next daughter, Etsy. Actually, that is kinda cute.

No, we are not "expecting", though it seems everyone I know is!


wendy said...

I know a girl named Esty, and sometimes I want to call her Etsy! Dude, come over and we'll paint that little print together, or something like it. You can do it!

janetmichelle said...

I just bought some soap from Etsy today. I always get excited to buy things from actual people rather than just generic large corporations.

katieoz said...

Wendy, I've met Esty before, I think! Long time ago. I dunno why I'm so nervous to try it myself. Maybe because I actually tell myself I can draw then when I go to do it...well...um. yeah. but yes, I keep meaning to try and make my own wall art! and so much of that stuff out there is CUTE but it is totally DIY project! Let's do it! You're arty, what do I need to get? I don't even know...i'm super crafty clueless but longing to be crafty.

Janet, totally! I love the personal touches with a lot of the packaging from different vendors too! Wouldn't it be fun to have your own store!?

janetmichelle said...

I would love to have my own store and make things...living in an apartment makes it difficult also not being so creative doesn't help either but I like to think of myself as an encourager and appreciater of the arts and all things creative!


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