WARNING:  You will encounter an overabundance of parenthses, quotation marks, italicized words, and a touch of a snarky attitude, in this post.


This whole "swine flu" propaganda has really gotten out of control.  I feel badly for the pork industry.  This is NOT the time for another industry to be hit with a boycott because people are unclear about the fact that pigs aren't actually transmitting the flu to the masses.  

Initially (correct me if I'm wrong) I remember them saying there were 100+ DEATHS in Mexico from this flu.  Wow. Guess what?  I guess the official reported number is actually 19 and now they're saying that there are about 150 "confirmed" cases of the swine flu in Mexico.  How has such false reporting gone unaccounted for?  And they're allowed to keep giving us "information". Why in the world are we listening to their "reports" if you can never depend on any of it being true? 

So, erroneous reporting aside (if that can really be put to the side), let's talk about the fact that people are getting sick all over the world!

Apparently, there are 1000 worldwise cases, of this H1/N1 flu...so that's serious, right? Oh wait...1,000 cases worldwide; the world population is approximately (as of July 2008) 6,706,993,152.  Okay, I understand that it's supposedly just beginning, right?  Folks, what leads us to believe that this rate of infection is any worse than a normal flu bug?  I guess it would probably be the CDC.

The "normal" flu results in 35,000 deaths (according to the CDC) though, some reports say as many as 60,000 deaths, per year, in the United States, alone

Granted, the media is doing a bit of back-tracking now(have you seen the damage control on every news channel? it's insane!) ...."It appears this flu might not be as serious as we first thought"  *crickets chirping*  "BUT! WE MUST STILL REMAIN VIGILANT IN PROTECTING OURSELVES!"  *ratings increase*

I will try not to get all conspiracy theory on you all.  Though thoughts of "what is the agenda behind this?" did cross my mind.  Who knows if there even is an agenda or if it's just to rake in the money from all the ratings (I guess that would kinda be an agenda).  Maybe those responsible for this pandemonium really thought they were doing the best possible thing (big, niggling doubt about that one).  

Here's my conclusion:  it's the flu.  Yep.  You have the choice to get or not get regular, seasonal flu vaccinations.  Obviously, they will be developing a vaccination for this strain of flu.  If you want to get it, by all means do so.  But if you don't want to get it, hopefully you can retain that right, as well.  


Katie Fleming said...

Pj read this and says it speaks for himself and thumbs up!! Me too:-) I'm glad you posted this!

wendy said...

amen to that! but... creepy picture!

katieoz said...

thanks for the comments, friends :) I definitely think the picture is PERFECT(ly creepy)...it communicates something I cannot. haha.

taxi-mom1 said...

you go girl! Perfectly said, I'm so sick of all this hype. All it does is freak people out and then when there really is something serious to report, we don't know if we can trust it.

katieoz said...

well put, momo!


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