She's gearing up

Claire's sleep has been weird...as if things in her are...changing.  And her crawling on her hands/knees has kind of morphed into "crawling" on her hands and feet...it's weird looking.  And, she's starting to stand, without any assistance, for longer (and more frequent) periods of time.  

Her speech patterns are changing and it sounds like she's trying to say what's on the innermost part of her heart, the things she really thinks about the world...important and menial.  

Basically, *crying* she's becoming a little girl...and leaving her little baby-self behind!  If you don't believe me, just look!


miranda said...

She is still the cutest ever! I love that dress and her blue eyes always take my breath away. I know it's hard when the baby faze seems to leave, and they start becoming the little girl. But let me just help you out and say, the little girl faze is still super fun and they always do things to amaze you and let you see the little baby that used to be there. Girls are a joy and I think you can see you have a big joy there :). I love hearing about her changes.

katieoz said...

I am pretty excited for her to be a little girl...but I just can't believe it sometimes! How does time go by so quickly? it's INSANITY!

Katie Fleming said...

Wow, I can't believe how fast time has flown by either! I feel like you were just posting her newborn pics the other day!!! But fun times ahead... you'll get to have real conversations, go shopping, paint nails, do all kinds of crazy stuff.

Maybe it just means it's time for another too;-)

katieoz said...

um....not that I'm trying to control my life-giving potential....but...I hope that the "time for another" is not for another 3 years (minimum). haha...though, I do like to dream about Claire having a little brother Ellis or a little sister Eloise. But I want Claire to be potty-trained and maybe about to start school by the time we have another :) I think I'd better be careful though, because we learned (with Claire) that we don't really have THAT much control over when things happen.


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